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Vallon Barnard founded Southern Cape Bottling in 2010 in the small coastal town of George in the Southern Cape, South Africa. Vallon has been involved in the alcohol manufacturing and distribution industry since 1995 and decided to start his own manufacturing plant in 2010. The premises where the original manufacturing plant was, was a mere 120sqm premises. The equipment used was a centrifugal filler and a manual capping machine, all labels were applied by hand. The company now operated a fully automated filling and capping line in a 1600sqm factrory.

At it’s inception, Southern Cape Bottling did mostly contract bottling for other companies. The company had very few of it’s own products it produced. The products were the Sabrosa Liqueur range, and inlcuded: Chilli-Choc, Caramel, Stro, Bubblegumquila and Coffeequila. The Bohka Liqueur range included: Caramel, Chocolate, Turkish Delight, Carachoc and Chocmint.

The trend among the smaller liquor manufacturers at the time was to replicate other well-known brands and concepts. The company then took the initiative to manufacture a product that was unique. This would allow the company to become the leader for this class of products. Due to the complexity of the final product, having edible gum-based balls that glow under UV light and has a fruity sour finish, there is a high demand for the product. Because of the uniqueness of the Xotic Comets range and the ability to produce the edible balls in different colors, there has been demand for production of private label products from big retailers. 

Xotic Comet Sours

Extensive marketing was done across the Southern and Western Cape. As word-of-mouth spread, more and more outlets wanted Xotic Comets on their shelves. Since the first order for Xotic Comet Sours, the company has grown from strength to strength. We now service all major chains in South Africa.  

The Xotic Comets range is currently available in South Africa, the United States of America, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Namibia, Mauritius, Lesotho and Angola. 

We constantly, strive to expand our horizons and create innovative products. We also create different private label products for the USA.

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